Piercings and tattooing is a form of expression many people use to reflect their inner self. Unfortunately, not many artists have the level of refinement that can do justice for this kind of expression. In this article, we have listed the top 7 tattoos and piercing shops for you with the best talents. So if you are in Charlotte and looking for piercing places near you, your search ends here. Read on to know about these piercing parlors.
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[et_pb_heading title=”1. SADU Body Piercing & Modifications” _builder_version=”4.22.1″ _module_preset=”default” title_level=”h3″ title_font=”|600|||||||” hover_enabled=”0″ global_colors_info=”{}” theme_builder_area=”post_content” sticky_enabled=”0″][/et_pb_heading]

USP Offers body piercing, children piercings at affordable rates.
PRODUCTS/SERVICES Body Piercing, Children Piercings, Shop-in for Body Modification Certificates. 
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Saturday: 11 am-7pm
Sunday: 12pm-6pm
ADDRESS 1515 Central Ave Charlotte, NC 28205, United States
PHONE 704-344-001
EMAIL sadupiercings@gmail.com
WEBSITE https://www.sadupiercing.org/

Sadu Body piercing and modifications is a professional piercing parlor that was started way back in 1995. The parlor houses a creative set of artists who belong to an association of professional piercers. The studio is one of the best piercing shops in Charlotte, with standard quality and hygiene criteria. It follows all the standard guidelines. Right now, the parlor is accepting appointments only. But for the casual check-out or purchase of body jewelry, you can just walk in. 

The studio has a piercing policy under which below 18 age require valid IDs of both the minors and parents. In the case of minors, earlobe piercings are done at age 5 and above. For a helix piercing, the kid must be 12 or older. Snug, nipple, genital, and surface piercings are done above the age of 18 only. The piercings offered here are the safest. It takes special care of the skin, and aftercare is taken as a priority. 

“Yesterday I visited the parlor for a belly piercing. Cyndi Lucy was my piercer. She was very impressive. She handled me patiently and took the time to help me choose the jewelry. Very professional! The front staff was humble too. I am visiting again and recommend highly.” 

– Ciera Jackson

[et_pb_heading title=”2. 510 Expert Tattoo & Body Piercing ” _builder_version=”4.22.1″ _module_preset=”default” title_level=”h3″ title_font=”|600|||||||” hover_enabled=”0″ global_colors_info=”{}” theme_builder_area=”post_content” sticky_enabled=”0″][/et_pb_heading]
USP highly sterile environment for minor piercings, body jewelry, and tattoos.
PRODUCTS/SERVICES Body tattoos, Piercings.
OPERATIONAL HOURS Sunday: 12pm-6pm Monday- Saturday: 12pm-8pm
  • Noda: 510 e 35th Charlotte, NC 28205, United States
  • Villa Heights: 2323 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 28205, United States
  • Noda: 704-333-5108
  • Villa Heights: 980-299-3008
EMAIL Bluecranetattoo@gmail.com
WEBSITE http://510experttattoo.com/
510 Expert Tattoo and body piercing shop started its operations in 2010 in NoDa. Mark and Wyne had a vision behind the studio. To create a fun, relaxed, and full of learning environment was one of the visions. The artists here have a knack for artistry with experience in tattoos and piercings. The studio is open for the entire week. So, if you want to know why 510 Expert is considered the best tattoo and piercing shop in charlotte, you might want to have a look at its portfolio.

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The studio provides a wide range of tattoos, from small tattoos to complete body cover-ups like Japanese traditional and realistic. The studio is aspiring to open at a different location at Villa Heights soon. Erin and Ben are the piercers at the Noda location. Apart from the refinery in their piercing, they ensure safety and hygiene when receiving clients.  
“I was thinking about getting my nipples pierced, and then my husband google searched a few places. I ended up being at 510 tattoo place after a quick phone call. Ben was my piercer. He accepted my walk-in and took the time to make sure everything was just right. He was very able and efficient and did it fast and smooth. I recommended the place to my friends and relatives.”
– Monique Cowan

[et_pb_heading title=”3. Black Cloud Tattoo and Piercing” _builder_version=”4.22.1″ _module_preset=”default” title_level=”h3″ title_font=”|600|||||||” hover_enabled=”0″ global_colors_info=”{}” theme_builder_area=”post_content” sticky_enabled=”0″][/et_pb_heading]

USP offers permanent make-up, laser removal along with tattoos and piercings.
PRODUCTS/SERVICES Tattoos, Piercings, Body Jewelry, Permanent Make-up, Tattoo and Piercing Supplies, Laser Removal. 
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Saturday: 10am-9pm
Sunday: 12pm-6pm
  • 2814 The Plaza Charlotte, NC 28205, United States
  • 2611 Central Ave, Unit A, Charlotte, NC 28205, United States
  • The Plz: 980-207-0323
  • Central ave: 980-299-5007
EMAIL bctcharlotte@gmail.com
WEBSITE https://www.blackcloudtattoocharlotte.com/

Black tattoo and piercing is an established professional piercing parlor in charlotte. If one walks in, they will find this place with less commercial and more personal appeal. No doubt the artists here are the best in the field, recognized by the NC health department holding certificates. The studio houses fully sterile rooms with high-quality and refined piercing and tattoos. It specializes in custom tattoo designs having a flexible approach. 

It has hardworking artists working for a long that make it a favorite for many regular customers. It is a cheap piercing shop having hourly rates of an average of $150. Minimum rates for a tattoo start at $100. The piercings are done here taken extra care of safety. A standard surgical stainless metal is used for all piercings. One many purchase titanium or gold jewelry as a choice. The rates of jewelry at the store are affordable, with all metals approved by FDA. 

“Savannah was my piercer at the plaza location. She did an incredible job with my septum piercing, and she was kind, patient, and professional. She kept asking me questions until I was sure about what I need with my piercing. I highly recommend the place. I will be back for sure.”
– Lexi Roberts

[et_pb_heading title=”4. Crown Custom Tattoo Studios” _builder_version=”4.22.1″ _module_preset=”default” title_level=”h3″ title_font=”|600|||||||” hover_enabled=”0″ global_colors_info=”{}” theme_builder_area=”post_content” sticky_enabled=”0″][/et_pb_heading]
USP An innovative place for custom piercing and tattoo designs.
PRODUCTS/SERVICES Custom Tattoo, Piercing, Cosmetic Tattoo, and Other Body Modifications
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Saturday: 10.30 am- 7 pm Sunday: 10.30 am-3pm
ADDRESS 5104 South Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28217, United States
PHONE 704-527-4460
WEBSITE https://crowncustomtattoo.com/
Crown custom tattoo is owned and operated by Derek Crockett. He has been into piercing and tattoos since early adulthood. Derek is running his tattoo studio for the last 20 years at his shop in South Boulevard in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the kind of person who follows their passion and is extra good at it. Not only is he popular among his clientele, but he has also won many awards. His piercings are loved much for the innovations he keeps on doing. He does all kinds of tattoos and piercings and has got a refined hand at it. The studio keeps hygiene standards up to the mark. If you want to explore the studio or just want to look at the works done, the gallery page on the website might help you. For a visit, Derek is just a call away for the appointment.
“The day before yesterday, I went in for a tattoo cover-up on my back. Derek is a wonderful man. I wanted a few piercings, too, and he helped me at it. I got a septum piercing along with an earlobe. Derek advised me of the aftercare for proper healing. I got more than I asked for at affordable rates. It is much better than those high-priced commercial shops. I highly recommend him.”
– Tattiana Hall

[et_pb_heading title=”5. Krazy Kats Tattoos & Piercings” _builder_version=”4.22.1″ _module_preset=”default” title_level=”h3″ title_font=”|600|||||||” hover_enabled=”0″ global_colors_info=”{}” theme_builder_area=”post_content” sticky_enabled=”0″][/et_pb_heading]

USP A limited nose, naval and oral piercings available for 15-year-olds.
PRODUCTS/SERVICES Body piercings, Minor piercings, Body tattoos. 
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Saturday: 12pm-7.30 pm
Sunday: closed. 
ADDRESS 5014 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205, United States
PHONE 704-537-3217
EMAIL krazykatstattoo@yahoo.com
WEBSITE https://krazykatskc.com/

If you are looking for a tattoo shop that does piercings,Krazy Kats Tattoos and Piercings isthe best professional parlor in charlotte. It offers a clean, safe experience for a wide range of body piercings and custom tattoos. In addition, the tattoo shop has talented artists like Tee Miller, a member of the Association of Professional Piercers. 

The piercings are done at the studio with high sterility. The use of single service needles, inks, and running spore tests on autoclaves are some rules the studio follows in this regard. The pieces of jewelry provided here are warrantied for a lifetime against defects. The studio has a policy of tattooing only above the age of 18. A government-issued ID is needed too. For minor piercings above the age of 6, only earlobes are done. Above 15 years of age, limited facial, oral, naval piercings are carried out. However, parental consent is required.

“I live in another town, but I trust Tee at Krazy Kats so much that I visit Charlotte just for piercings and stuff. Cleanliness is highly maintained in the studio. Tee is kind and considerate, with a very polished hand at piercing. Her skills are unmatchable.”
-Porsha Parker

[et_pb_heading title=”6. BlaqLyte Tattoos” _builder_version=”4.22.1″ _module_preset=”default” title_level=”h3″ title_font=”|600|||||||” hover_enabled=”0″ global_colors_info=”{}” theme_builder_area=”post_content” sticky_enabled=”0″][/et_pb_heading]

USP Personal ambiance for custom tattoo and piercing experience.
PRODUCTS/SERVICES Tattoo, Body Piercings, 
OPERATIONAL HOURS Tuesday-Thursday-: 1 pm-8 pm
Sunday: By Appointment Only
ADDRESS 9620 University City Blvd. Suite P. Charlotte, NC 28213,United States
PHONE 980-939-1505
EMAIL shop_email@blaqlytetattoos.com
WEBSITE https://www.blaqlytetattoos.com/

The tattoo shop that does piercing, BlaqLyte, is the best shop around Charlotte in this category. The owner of this professional parlor is Lamont Defense. He has been in the tattoo and piercing business since July 2004. He does all types of tattoos, from realistic to old school to Japanese, cartilage piercing to belly piercing. Lamont has a strong inclination towards custom work and wants to satisfy his customers through his creativity. 

The studio accepts only 18 years and above-aged clients for tattoos. Piercings for those above 16 years of age are done strictly with parental presence. The studio accepts appointments only due to high demand. It is a cheap piercing place with a priority on safety and hygiene. Tattoos are also done at affordable hourly rates. The shop has an elite group of artists and has bagged many awards too. It got first place in defense tattoo awards in the InkfestLive Tattoo Expo in 2014. In 2019 it secured 3rd place in the large color tattoo category.

““Josh was my artist at BlaqLyte. I just needed a talented person who can cover up my chest area. It was not looking good, and only a professional artist with a fine hand could have handled it. Josh did the cover-up very efficiently. I will be back, and I also recommend you visit them. Great job.”
- Lydia McKenney

[et_pb_heading title=”7. Divine Arts Tattoo Company” _builder_version=”4.22.1″ _module_preset=”default” title_level=”h3″ title_font=”|600|||||||” hover_enabled=”0″ global_colors_info=”{}” theme_builder_area=”post_content” sticky_enabled=”0″][/et_pb_heading]

USP An old establishment with a trusted artists group for tattoo and piercing.
PRODUCTS/SERVICES Body Jewelry, Piercings, and Tattoos.
OPERATIONAL HOURS Tuesday-Sunday: 11am-7pm
Monday: Closed
ADDRESS 10915 Monroe Rd Ste A Matthews,NC 28105, United States
PHONE 980-339-8242
EMAIL divineartstattoo@gmail.com
WEBSITE https://divineartstattoo.com/

When Jordan opened this tattoo shop around Charlotte in 2012, he wanted to translate his passion for art into a tangible form. Jordan believes in the power of art. The Divine Arts Tattoo Company has been running with a satisfied client group for 17 years. The studio is one of the best tattoo and piercing parlor in Charlotte. It maintains a high standard of services along with hygiene. 

The piercers here are all professionals who have trained adequately in bloodborne pathogens and sterile practices. The studio provides guarantees with all the piercings. If it falls out of place, they promise to put the jewelry back without charging extra. The studio has flexible working hours. It has a shop-in facility where you can buy t-shirts, cool prints, etc.

“Thomas did a perfect job on my septum piercing. He made me feel relaxed and provided aftercare advice for safe healing. He was taking time to mark and ensure I like it. I loved the metal he pierced me with. The talent is filled in this shop, in the form of artists. I recommend this place to anyone who wants an efficient job done on their skin.”
– Matthew smith

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