KBDiy TM680 Knob Hot Swap Mechanical Keyboard Kit Wireless Bluetooth 3 Mode RGB Backlit Gamer 60% Keyboard For 3Pin/5Pin Switch


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Please read carefully before purchasing:

TM680 products have anti-counterfeiting and anti-dismantling labels. If you disassemble them yourself, we will not be responsible for after-sales. If the anti-counterfeiting and anti-dismantling labels are in good condition, after-sale can be carried out; (except for customers who purchased silicone pads, those who purchased silicone pads Customers please contact the seller during installation, the seller will guide the installation)
The TM680 product has been upgraded, and most of the problems encountered by customers have now been resolved;

TM680 dedicated

TM680 dedicatedï¼›Silicone sandwich cushion (light gray)


some kits come with green stabilizers please be aware!

3 Mode Wireless Version Specification:

2.4G+Bluetooth 5.0 (compatible with 4.0/3.0/2.0/1.0) + wired mode

Battery Capacity:2400 mAh lithium battery

Music Rhythm RGB Light Effect

Knob Function Customization

Marco Function

Hot Swap

KBDIY TM680 configuration:

hot-swappable shaft base, 3/5 foot shaft fully compatible, RGB high brightness low strobe patch light, full key driver key change + full key macro definition programming

Independent RGB lights on both sides + independent RGB lights on the bottom case with car center mesh design, independent RGB lights around the knob, Type-C key line separation, innovative and practical patented appearance, patented utility model with column design

Product details:

Packing including:

The Case ,PCB, positioning board, satellite shaft, sandwich cotton, etc. are integrated, as long as the shaft body and the key cap are installed, it can be used! !


The interface of single-mode driver and three-mode driver are different, and the details page takes the three-mode driver as an example(Contact the seller to get the driver)

Stabilizers are presented, but not the pink satellite shafts in the picture, the actual satellite shaft color style received shall prevail!

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