KBDiy Keyboard Switch Lube Grease Krytox GPL205 G0 G00 GPL105 Switches Oil Stabilizer Lubricant DIY Mechanical Keyboard Custom


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Recommended for Tactile and Clicky switches and springs. The performance of these components is improved by eliminating unfavorable Tactile and acoustic characteristics (e.g. spring jitter). As a result, the keyboard will perform more smoothly, respond faster, and last longer. Using oil instead of grease preserves the sound better and allows the end user to feel the keys more. While most users prefer semi-fluid grease over oil, the PTFE thickener in grease makes them easier and better to keep in place. However, some professional applicators and users who really want to feel the keys prefer oil. This means that GPL105 and GPL106 are the most chosen oils for keyboard applications, depending on how thick the user prefers the oil to be. GPL106 is more sticky than GPL105.

GPL205 G0/GPL205 G00

Recommended for use with Linear switches and Stabilizer wires. the GPL205 G0 provides ideal Tactile and responsiveness, regardless of the age of the keyboard components. It also improves acoustic characteristics such as scratching sounds, allowing the feel of especially newer keyboards to be broken up rather than stiff. By lubricating the keyboard switches, it gives a competitive advantage by speeding up response time.GPL205 G0 is the most versatile of the keyboard lubricants, if you need to get more key touch, you can choose GPL205 G00, while GPL205 G0 can also be mixed with GPL105, the user can deploy more key touch. GPL205 G0 is the thickest mechanical keyboard lubricant widely used in the mechanical keyboard industry.


Their oil viscosity and semi-fluid characteristics make them easy to use and ideal for “Tactile” or “Clicky” switches, but they are also recommended for “Linear “, “Topre” and other Cherry-compatible key shafts. The “Linear” switch is increasingly chosen as 3204, because it has a lower viscosity and almost identical ease of use. It is a fluorinated lubricant, extremely stable, durable and non-migrating semi-fluid grease. Together, these attributes make it ideal for use when modifying mechanical keyboard key shafts. The end user will experience a smooth “break-in” action while ensuring that the product does not move from the lubrication point. Eliminates the negative tactile and acoustic characteristics typically associated with new mechanical keyboards. Some examples of negative acoustic and tactile characteristics that are eliminated or reduced are scraping sounds and spring jitter or movement. In addition, it will result in more uniform key wear and extend the life of the moving parts of the mechanical keys. to prevent having to replace frequently used keys prematurely. Due to its semi-fluid and medium oil viscosity index, 3204 is very easy to handle and can be applied with a brush. Most often used as a membrane in light-touch keypad switches, this product is recommended for any mechanical keypad switch type other than GPL 205 G0 because of its lower viscosity, same ease of use and non-migration properties. For a more tactile and tactile feel of the keys, choose the lower viscosity oil 3203.


XHT-BDZ is a viscous PFPE grease. XHT-BDZ can greatly reduce the rattling of the Stabilizer balance rod, even without special modifications.

Please NOTE:
The density of GPL105 and GPL205 is much higher than that of water and the so-called WD40 oil, so they have the same weight.
The same density as WD40 Kunlun is different and the volume is also different. Can not judge the sufficient amount from the capacity
GPL205The state of the product is very similar to cheese and yogurt, and it smells like slightly milky
Therefore, Please place it high ,not to eat by mistake.
This product is an industrial product and is not edible. If it is smeared on the skin, please send it to a doctor immediately
Each SKU is enough to lubricate 300 switches
Lubrication scheme:
Shaft body: If the shaft is lubricated, the spring part can use 105 liquid
The shaft body can be coated with 105 and 205 mixed grease on the inside and center of the shaft
The economical solution only buys 105 and 205 mixed fats
But 105 and 205 mixed grease springs can only lubricate the spring up and down
Satellite shaft: You can use Permatex grease for the steel wire part
The false shaft internal test can smear a tiny bit of (22058)
If the budget is in place, it is recommended to use 205 G0 or 205
(205G0) and 205 just feel different, 205 is thicker

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