EPOMAKER Sonic/Evening Sakura Keycaps Set 166 Keys Cherry Profile PBT Durable Material Compatible with MX Structure


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EPOMAKER Sonic/Evening Sakura 166 Keys Cherry Profile PBT Keycaps Set PBT Durable Material Compatible with MX Structure

Sonic Color Scheme

The Epomaker Sonic keycaps set comes with colors of dark green and light green. This combination presents an atmosphere of matrix code, or a sonar map. They are perfect for people who enjoy a minimalistic color on their keyboards.  

Evening Sakura Scheme

The Epomaker Evening Sakura keycaps set comes with colors of dark gray and pink. This combination presents the pink sakura falling in the evening. They are perfect for people who enjoy a minimalistic color on their keyboards.  

Cherry Profile Keycaps

Designed with the popular Cherry profile, this keycaps set can work as the most basic and comfortable set. If you are looking for something that can improve your gaming experience, don’t spend milliseconds looking for the next key, simply get this Cherry Profile PBT keycaps set as it’s sculpted to be efficient and comfortably presses.

PBT Durable Material

Instead of choosing normal ABS material for shine-through keycaps, we have selected the PBT which is more expensive but more rigid and brittle. The textured thick feeling is unique and it won’t fade away after using for a long time.

Whole Collection of 166 Keys

As a full set, this keycaps set contains 166 keys, including all keys like arrows and function keys that can fit most keyboards like 60%/65%/75%/80% or full size. This one can be a perfect replacement set for most popular keyboards among the market. Get it bargainly and get it wisely, you will be amazed.

Double Shot Technique

The Sonic keycaps adopt double-shot technique, a more complicated manufacturing process where two separate plastics are injection molded to make the keycaps. Details and techniques enable this set to be an ideal and the best choice when you are looking for a replacement set.


Material :Double shot PBT

Keycaps Profile :Cherry Profile

Package :Only keycaps set, no keyboard

Compatibility :ANSI layout keyboard


1 Set of Keycaps Set

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