EPOMAKER Sailing Keycaps 173 Keys Whole Collection Cherry Profile ABS Double Shot Set Mechanical Keyboard Cherry Gateron Kailh O


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EPOMAKER Sailing Keycaps 173 Keys Whole Collection Cherry Profile ABS Double Shot Set Mechanical Keyboard Cherry Gateron Kailh Otemu MX Structure

EPOMAKER Sailing Theme

The design of Sailing keycap set comes from the popular sport – sailing. The keycap set comes with dark blue to present the tone of the oceans, while the haze blue and the white keys are the shallow part and the foams. With this keycaps on your keyboard, you can easily feel the sea on your desktop!

Wide Compatibility for MX Structure Switch and Various Layout

The Sailing keycap setis designed in universal MX structure that can work with most switches in the market that has MX structure and its clones, such as Gateron, Kailh, Cherry, Otemu etc. A plenty of keycaps in different sizes will work for different layouts, no matter it’s ANSI or ISO, 60%/75%/80%, TKL or full size keyboard. Get one set and make it all work. For detailed size, please refer to the size map and annotation.

Cherry Profile

Designed with the popular Cherry profile, this keycaps set can work as the most basic and comfortable set. If you are looking for something that can improve your gaming experience, don't spend milliseconds looking for the next key, simply get this Cherry Profile PBT keycaps set as it's sculpted to be efficient and comfortably presses.

High Quality ABS Material

To reach a great typing experience, this keycaps set is made of firmly built ABS. The ABS material is also helpful to present a vivid color. The texture of ABS keycaps feel skin-similar to enhance your typing experience.

Double Shot Technique

EPOMAKER Sailing Keycaps adopts double-shot technique, a more complicated manufacturing process where two separate plastics are injection molded to make the keycaps. Details and techniques enable this set to be an ideal and the best choice when you are looking for a replacement set.


Number of keys: 173keys (104 basic keycaps set+69keys supplementary keycaps)

Keycaps profile: Cherryprofile

Keycap material: High-quality ABSmaterial

Technique: Double Shot

Compability: 100% compatible with Otemu, Gateron, Kailh, Cherry MX Switches and its clones

Certain keycaps size:

Enter: 2.25U/2U/L-shape, split spacebars

Shift: 1.25U/1.75U/2.75U/2.25U

Tab: 1.5U

Space: 6.25U/7U

Caps: 1.75U/Stepped

Backspace: 2U

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