AKKO Prunus Lannesiana Keycaps Set 154 Keys ASA Low-Profile Double-shot PBT Keycaps Set


20 in stock


20 in stock

AKKO Prunus Lannesiana 154 Keys ASA Low-Profile Double-shot PBT Keycaps Set

AKKO Prunus Lannesiana Color Scheme

The Prunus Lannesiana features in the white background and the pink tips of Sakuras. With this keycaps set, we are presenting our way of simplism while also give a pink to it. Designed in three simple colors, white, light pink and searing pink, the low key keycaps are bringing a picture of the beautiful sakura flower in a implicit way.

ASA Low-Profile Keycaps Full Set

Inspired by the newly popular ASA profile, we are launching the latest ASA low-profile version! Like other low-profile keycaps, the ASA low-profile keycaps have the same height around 8.96mm. It is no need to worry about different-height problems by putting some specific keycaps like PgUp and PgDn on different rows in layouts of 75% or TKL. It is compatible with MX structure switches such as Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, etc. A keycap set that makes your DIY journey worry-free.

Supreme PBT High-Quality Keycaps

For ultimate typing experience and durability, we go with high quality PBT material instead of ABS. Co mpared to ABS material, PBT is less common and feel textures and more more durable. It’s dry and not easy to get oily. It won’t wear down over time like ABS does.

Full Size Set, Suitable for Any Layout

This set of keycaps contains a full size base set and some extra novelty keycaps. Especially the custom pattern for function keys is easy to use. No matter you got a 60%/75%/80%, TKL or a full size keyboard, we cover it all. This set will fit any size keyboard. Get one set and make it all work.

Double Shot Technique

The Prunus Lannesiana keycaps adopt double-shot technique, a more complicated manufacturing process where two separate plastics are injection molded to make the keycaps. Details and techniques made this set an ideal and the best choice when you are looking for a replacement set.


Brand: AKKO

Number of Keycaps: 154 Keys

Profile: ASA Low-Profile at the height of 8.96mm

Material: PBT

Printing Method: Double Shot

Special Keys Diagram: –

Spacebar: 6.25U/7U

Shift: 2.25/2.75/1.75U

Enter: 2.25/2U

Tab: 1.5U

CapsLock: 1.75U/Stepped keycaps

Backspace: 2U


AKKO Prunus Lannesiana ASA Low-profile Keycaps set

Keycap puller

A well-made storage box

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