AJAZZ K620T V2.0 Hotswappable 60% RGB Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Wired Mechanical Keyboard 4400mAh Battery PBT Keycaps Mac/Windows


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AJAZZ K620T V2.0 Upgraded Hotswappable 60% RGB Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Wired Mechanical Keyboard with 4400mAh Battery PBT Keycaps Wheel Volume Button for MacOS/Windows/iOS/ Android

Note: Only Pink and Blue option is Hot-swappable


The Ajazz K620T V2.0 Upgrade 2.0 is hot-swappable, which means you can easily replace the switches without soldering. No need to break out any soldering iron, simply using the included puller, you can change switches for the K620T V2.0 2.0 in only a few seconds. The keyboard originally comes with the Ajazz pink linear switches or the blue clicky switches, but you can always replace them with any other 3 pin mechanical switches, such as Cherry and Gateron mechanical switches

60% Layout Compact Keyboard&16M+ RGB Backlit

The K620T Upgrade 2.0 inherits all the advantages of the original compact layout design. As a 60% layout keyboard, it offers all the essential keys that you need to use while typing on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.It is engineered with more than 19 types of RGB backlight options for customizability. The K620T 2.0 is a keyboard that is always in sync with your style to allow for a more personalized aesthetic. You can easily cycle through the different backlight schemes using the lights effect key.


The volume scroll wheel on the K620T Upgrade 2.0 makes the keyboard more user-friendly. When using the K620T Upgrade 2.0 Volume Knob, it avoids having to use shortcuts to adjust the volume, and allows for more precise tuning with feedback. You can quickly adjust the volume while in a zoom meeting, gaming or voice calling.Additionally, the Ajazz K620T Upgrade 2.0 comes with superior PBT keycaps that are thicker, and has higher durability than the ABS keycaps found on competitor keyboards. The keycaps are also abrasion-resistant, dust-resistant, and shine resistant so that you can feel confident in taking your keyboard on the go

4400mAh Battery Bluetooth Wireless Wired Keyboard】

The K620T V2.0 is embedded with a huge 4,400mAh battery, which can support more than 880 hours work without RGB lights, and 50 hours of work under RGB lights, depending on your daily usage. It can connect up to 3 devices, switch between different devices using the FN+Q, FN +W, FN+E.It is always ready to take on your work. Encounter a whole new workflow with the freedom of a wireless keyboard – and leave behind your battery woes!

Stabilized Keys &PBT Keycaps

The large keys on the K620T V2.0 (spacebar, shift-key, enter, etc) are stabilized to make sure that every stroke – from whatever angle – is secure and confident. This eliminates any potential for wobbly keys that often plague mechanical keyboards and ensures a more efficient typing experience. We specifically selected the superior PBT Keycaps. It’s stiffer, durable, stay true in color, and won’t develop a shine effect over time. It’s waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and dust resistant

Mac, Windows, or Android Compatible

The K620T V2.0 is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and iPadOS. Thanks to its comprehensive integration of the UI, you can easily use it to type the same media keys that you need on any of your devices. A compact 60% keyboard no longer means to lose F key rows and arrow keys, the shortcuts with FN ensure you access all essential keys you need.Focus on work and let your creativity flow with ease among the different screens, the K620T Upgrade 2.0 will do all the rest for you、

Key Features of Ajazz K620T V2.0Hotswappable Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

-Hotswappable feature, easy switch to another type of key switch

-Bluetooth wireless&wired dual mode keyboard, 4400mAh battery

-19 types RGB lights&PBT keycaps

-Volume wheel key&11” tablet supported

-USB-C connection

-60% compact and portable modern design


Number of Keys: 62 Keys (including the wheel key)

Cable Type: 1.5Meters-USB to Type C

Bluetooth Version: Broadcom Bluetooth 5.0

Product Compatibility: Win7/8/9/10 Android, iOS, Mac

RGB Functionality: 19 types of RGB backlight options

Battery: 4400mAh-Up to 880 hours of use

Switch available: Blue switch(clicky); Pink switch (linear)

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